Spiking is a serious crime and can have long-lasting impact on victims. Spiking is defined as putting drugs and/or alcohol in someone's drink or body without their consent. People can spike others by alcohol, prescription drugs and/or illegal drugs. 

You can report drink spiking through our disclosure forms, either anonymously or by providing your contact details so that we can contact you to offer further support. If you're a student at our university, a member of the Harassment and Misconduct team can listen to your experience, outline your options for reporting and explore the range of support available. You can also read our drink spiking articles for further information.

Below are a selection of resources from campaigns with serve to raise awareness, offer support and tackle drink spiking.


Launched by Leeds City Council in partnership with #ForwardLeeds and #NoRegretsLeeds, Stop The Spike supports us in looking out for each other, knowing the symptoms of drink spiking, calling out inappropriate behaviour and feeling able to ask for help when needed.
Stop The Spike

Ask for Angela

The ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme was founded by Lincolnshire County Council as part of a wider campaign to reduce violence and harassment against women. It means that if you go to a participating hospitality venue, such as a bars and club, you can ask for ‘Angela’ to discreetly signal to staff that you feel unsafe or threatened and would like assistance. Trained staff will then be able offer to help, for example by calling a taxi or providing a safe space. Staff at participating venues have been trained to help, they won’t judge and will aim to get people out of the situation without too much fuss. While the campaign initially focused on the safety of women and girls, 'Ask for Angela' allows anyone who may be feeling threatened or unsafe while in a venue, to approach the bar to seek help by asking for 'Angela'.
Ask for Angela

Good Night Out

Good Night Out Campaign is on a mission for safer nightlife. They believe nights out should be about fun and freedom, not fear. They help nightlife spaces and organisations to better understand, respond to, and prevent sexual harassment and assault, through specialist training, policy support and an accreditation programme. They've also rounded up a some useful signposting resources and welcome you to share your experiences of a good or bad time at any venue or event.
Good Night Out Campaign Poster

Leeds University Union (LUU) 

The health and safety of our students is Leeds University Union's utmost priority. Read more on how they're working to keep students safe through their Tackling Drink Spiking campaign.

Leeds Nightline 

Nightlines are student-run listening and information services, open at night. Student volunteers all over the UK answer calls, texts, instant messages and talk in person with their fellow university students about anything that is troubling them. Leeds Nightline supports students across all universities in our city through IM, email or telephone.

Stamp Out Spiking (SOS)

Stamp Out Spiking (SOS) is a non-profit charity which raises awareness about spiking. A selection of useful FAQs are hosted on their website. They have developed a public awareness video. Please be conscious that the video covers distressing topics and may be upsetting. 

There are two ways you can tell us what happened