The SafeZone app is linked to the University’s Security team who are on call to help you 24/7.

The app is free and easy to use. It has three main functions:
  • For help with a physical or mental health incident, press the green First Aid button if you are unable to follow local procedure, and a member of the Security team will assist you.
  • Press the blue ‘Non-Urgent’ button to connected to Security in a non-emergency situation, for example, if you are locked out of a building.
  • The red ‘Emergency’ button is for threatening situations when you are in immediate danger.
The SafeZone app has a check in timer. You can use this to share your location with the Security team if it would help you to feel more comfortable, for example if you are working alone in a building. Set the timer and if they don’t hear from you by the time it runs out, they’ll check in to see if you’re ok.

For more information about the SafeZone app, and to download the app, head to the Security webpage. 

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