If you need help in an emergency, please call 999 or if the emergency is on campus or in University accommodation, contact the University Security Services emergency number on 0113 343 2222 (available 24 hours a day). 
Who are the Harassment and Misconduct Team? What do they do?
We are here to support students to understand your options following an incident of violence, abuse, bullying, harassment, sexual misconduct and all forms of discrimination. Working within the university, our Harassment and Misconduct Advisors can explain what support is available; what would happen if you choose to make a formal complaint, and help with referrals for practical issues such as mitigating circumstances and accommodation concerns.

The team offer one-to-one appointments that can be arranged on campus, through MS Teams or on the telephone.  You can contact the team at reportandsupport@leeds.ac.uk or by completing our disclosure form. The service is confidential and your information would not be shared (unless there is an immediate risk to you or someone else). You can watch our video for more information.

Our specialist advisers can also offer information and guidance to those who are supporting someone else through an incident. Whether you're a friend supporting a fellow student or a staff member managing a disclosure, our advisers can offer a space for consultation.

How do the Harassment and Misconduct Team work with others?
The University of Leeds are committed to creating a community that is actively supportive and opposes discrimination. The team do not do this work in isolation. We work closely with our colleagues and partners to create a seamless support and referral experience for students who access our service.

Can you support me if I'm not a student?
Where forms on Report and Support are made by University of Leeds staff or Leeds University Union staff on behalf of themselves, the system is designed to filter these directly to the relevant HR departments. We recognise that there may be times where visitors, parents, guardians and supporters may wish to get in touch with the Harassment and Misconduct Team when you are concerned about a student or wish to find out about what support is available. Confidentiality is critical to the service we provide. University protocols prevent us from providing any information about a student’s participation in our service or their enrolment at the institution without their express permission. 

Who looks after the Report and Support website?
The Harassment and Misconduct Team are responsible for the creation and maintenance of content on our Report and Support website. If you have any queries, concerns or recommendations in relation to this website, please contact the team  at reportandsupport@leeds.ac.uk.

Lorna de Fenzi and Carys Corkhill are the Harassment and Misconduct Advisers at University of Leeds.


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